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Ever heard the phrase “there’s strength in numbers”? Here’s how having a workout buddy can help you stick to your fitness regime and stay on the path to reach your health goals:

  1. Commitment

When you only have yourself to answer to, making excuses is fairly easy. But when you have a workout buddy, flaking is difficult. The added accountability pushes you to stick to plans and reach your goals.

  1. Healthy competition

There is nothing like some friendly competition to make you work towards something. Most of us like to stay ahead and one up our counterparts and this is true in the workout space as well. Knowing that you worked out harder and more often than your buddy can keep you motivated and you may even surpass your goals.

  1. Outside Perspective

It can be difficult to view yourself and your workout routine objectively. Your workout buddy can point out your progress as well as pain points in your routine and more importantly your technique. Your buddy may have a different set of workout skills and knowledge that can greatly benefit you. 

  1. Safety

Having a person look over you while you are lifting heavy weights is very important. It ensures that you complete the exercise efficiently and safely and also encourages the lifter with a sense of confidence. Your workout buddy can motivate you to finish that one last rep and even help if you are not able to. 

  1. Try new workouts

Joining a gym, a new class or a new workout plan can be much easier when you have a workout buddy. Knowing that you and your buddy are in it together can give you the extra push to explore exercise routines you were previously intimidated by. Trying new work outs can also come in handy if you have hit the dreaded weight loss plateau.

  1. Its just more fun

Rest periods can consist of quick chats about work, family, friends or how your favourite sports teams are performing. Playing one on one squash, tennis or basketball is a great option as well; this can make your workout more enjoyable and therefore reap better results.

Having a workout buddy can really enhance your performance while exercising. Make sure you pick the right workout buddy who is positive and motivates you in the long run.

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