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What makes for a “Perfect cup of Tea”? Tea bags or whole leaf? In terms of taste, aroma and nutritional value; we are convinced that whole leaf tea will always give you a more complete experience. Read on to know why and how.

Tea Types:
Before we dwell on the value benefits; we wanted to give you an insight on the types of teas. Generally speaking, teas which are less oxidized will be lighter both in taste and aroma with light yellow green liquor. Dark, rich and brownish infusions is what you get from more oxidized teas. As the oxidization process varies, so does the nutrition value.

The differences between whole leaf tea and tea bags are numerous and go far beyond the surface. When you tear open a tea bag, you will see that the leaves are broken and much smaller in size; more like dust. The smell and colour at times might be odourless and pale. Tea bags contain finely chopped dust tea and fanning in order to steep through the paper bags. Whole leaf teas; however give you a richer experience as they steep for a longer time within the right temperature. Whole leaf tea gives you a more complete experience than any other form of leaves.

The leaf sizes determine the perfect balance of freshness, aroma and higher antioxidant levels. Whole leaf when infused within their space will unfurl realizing their complete aroma and giving you a more comprehensive blend. At times, the same leaves can be infused multiple times (more bang for your buck 😉 ).

It has been proven that whole-leaf teas are far healthier than teabags. Tea bags packaged in mass scale tend to lose their nutrition value and freshness thanks to the texture and wrapping resulting in more caffeine and less healthy benefits.

Finally, it’s your personal preference that will define the quality you seek when brewing the perfect cup of tea, but remember you will get the full health and taste value from whole leaf tea! Invest in an infuser and keep it at home or in the office to make consuming whole leaf tea more convenient.

Enjoy your Cuppa!!!!

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