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We work incredibly hard to maintain lithe, toned and limber bodies before the summer vacation but often return 10 pounds heavier. Here are a few of our fuss free tips to help you stay in shape while travelling for work or pleasure… Happy Holidays!

On the flight-

  • Be sure to stay hydrated: Long haul flights dehydrate you and wreak havoc on your face and skin. Avoid tea, coffee, colas and alcohol since they are diuretics and make you frequent the bathroom more often.  You don’t want to end up looking like a dried prune at the end of a long flight, do you? Instead drink unsweetened juices, caffeine free teas and water at periodic intervals.
  • Get up and move: Make it a point to get up every couple of hours to stretch and prevent DVT and poor circulation. There are plenty of exercises and stretches that you can do from your seat that will help mobilise stiff muscles and promote better circulation.
  • Plan your meals: Avoid eating sushi, salads or anything that is highly perishable. If you don’t manage to buy some healthy grub from the airport beforehand, eat a wholesome meal during your flight to promote satiety and induce sleep for a long nap. You will wake up feeling energized and raring to go. I try to pack my meals beforehand so I have something to nibble on. Healthy snack ideas include- fruit and nut butter, celery and cucumber sticks with hummus, nuts, whole wheat bread sandwich and a bowl of fruit and a cube of cheese.
  • Baz Luhrman says it best- everybody should wear sunscreen: Remember to apply sunscreen on your exposed areas and wear UV protective sunglasses for protection against harmful rays.
  • Guard yourself against cold and the flu: We expose ourselves to a host of different bacteria and infections on a flight that can leave you with a cold, flu like symptoms.  Try and supplement your diet with a high dose vitamin C or Echinacea to boost your immunity and prevent chances of infection.

On your travels-

  • Take a walking tour of the city: The best way to explore a city is by foot or by cycle. Avoid paying hefty cab fares and try and walk wherever possible. You will explore a different side of the city and end up burning calories while you are at it. You could also rent a cycle to get around town. Cycling is a great workout and can help you burn off your holiday indulgences.
  • Start your day with a wholesome breakfast: Make it a point to eat breakfast before you leave the hotel every morning. Order a protein rich plate of eggs, spinach, coffee and some fruit for sustained energy release and promote satiety.
  • Eat sensibly: If you don’t have breakfast included in your tariff, carry fruit and instant oatmeal and prepare some cereal with your kettle in your own room. Oatmeal is a rich source of protein, iron and fiber and helps promote satiety and lower cholesterol levels.
  • Avoid travellers diarrhea and drink filtered water: If you are travelling to places where drinking water might be scarcely available, carry your own or invest in some water purification tablets. Eat a probiotic daily to replenish your gut bacteria and prevent traveller’s diarrhea/ Delhi belly.
  • Get uninterrupted zzz’s: A good nights sleep is the most underrated thing on holidays. If you get enough, you wake up feeling refreshed and energised. If you get too little, you end up cranky and depressed and cant enjoy your trip. Try and wind down with a warm shower before bedtime. Drink some chamomile or mint tea with no caffeine. Eat magnesium or melatonin supplement to alleviate jet lag symptoms and promote restful sleep.
  • Do restorative yoga for better sleep and mobility: Find some time to get your yoga on.  You can spend 15-45 minutes of your day with a free video available on YouTube. Yoga will alleviate any stress, boost your energy levels and immune response and help burn off any holiday excesses. You will feel taut, lithe and more flexible and might be able to flaunt those abs while on holiday.

We’ve got all our bases covered so you no longer have an excuse to not stay fit while travelling. You can also watch a host of free exercise videos on our YouTube channel.
Soon you will be able to use the FitNut App to constantly stay in touch with a dedicated health coach to answer all your fitness and nutrition needs.


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Written By:

Jia Singh

Wellness Coach and Travel/Lifestyle Blogger
I am a Delhi based wellness coach, paleo chef, blogger and features writer. I run a gluten free initiative called Petite Sweet Eats and run a blog on wellness called ‘Wandering for Wellness’.  I write on food, travel, health, restaurants, cafes and spas in India and overseas.
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