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Playing a sport is probably one of the most invigorating feelings. It gets your blood flowing, heart pumping and the competitive aspect pushes you to be your best. Any ex-sportsperson can tell you that the feeling of waking up in the morning for practice and competing against other players and teams is a rewarding feeling like no other.

Football is the most popular sport in the world. One that has people competing on every level, from a very early age, all the way to the World Cup. Football is also India’s second most popular sport and has traditionally been played in West Bengal, Goa, Kerala, Odisha, and the entire north-eastern India, especially Assam. Interest is now spreading all over the country with more people watching and playing the sport. Especially with the introduction of the Indian Super League, the presence of the sport is increasing.

Football and Fitness:
Football is a great workout, whether you’re playing a full on 11 vs 11 or a 5 a side in a smaller setting. It is a full body workout which increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health. The explosive movement and running involved helps reduce body fat and improves muscle tone. It also builds lower body strength, which is required for the running, jumping, tackling and kicking of the ball. Your entire body is engaged through the quick turns and constant switching between walking, running and sprinting. This contributes to an increase in endurance levels and maintenance of a healthy body!

Get Fit Through The Amateur League:
The Amateur League is an 11-a-side football league that follows a round robin format. Every team in the league plays each other once and the winner is decided on points accumulated at the end of the season. All matches take place on Sundays at the Jasola Sports Complex. This is your chance to spend your Sunday well. Busy schedules and lack of enough players to make a team dissuade people from pursuing a game of football. The Amateur League solves that problem and allows you to create your own team (if you have enough people) or sign up as a free agent and play with a group of others.

The Amateur League Fitness Tips

You can get all the benefits of the sport mentioned above for your health, with the added edge of competition. They record stats and videos of each game and maintain players and team records. The league may be for amateurs but the organisers are absolutely professional in their execution.

Registrations are OPEN – SIGN UP NOW!

You can follow all the action on their Facebook page. Team FitNut is proud to be the online fitness partner of this initiative. We hope to see you on one of the Sundays. We will be performing pre and post match stretches with the teams.


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