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Transformations and well built bodies are super motivational. But the same question comes to everyone’s mind, did they do this naturally? Doing it without steroids takes hard work, perseverance and a serious amount of commitment. Especially for people that need to lose a significant amount of fat, or gain weight to get there. Team FitNut wants to empower you with the knowledge to be able to tell who did it genuinely and convey the respect they deserve!

Shoulders Boulders

A very well developed and rounded shoulder along with highly formed traps are common indicators of steroid use. These muscles have higher androgen receptors in comparison to other muscles and muscle groups. These will be the first to quickly develop before other muscles for someone who uses versus some who doesn’t. 


This condition causes the enlargement of breast tissue in men. It happens when synthetic testosterone or any of it’s derivatives get converted into Estrogen and causes a hormonal imbalance. This imbalance doesn’t happen with all steroids but only with ones that aromatize (convert to estrogen). 


Past puberty, very few people still deal with acne unless its a skin condition. Anabolic steroids cause the sebaceous glands in our skin to secrete more oil than normal. Regular use of anabolic steroids can cause more oil in the skin which leads to blemishes on the back, shoulders and face. 

The Two Way Process

It’s almost impossible to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously. Without the help of steroids, your body cannot work at that rate to perform the required processes for either. In general, one has to choose among the two. Once the choice has been made, the diet and workout must be designed to achieve that goal. 

Remember, using steroids is a shortcut that could cause you or some one you know to have various side effects. The best way to a fitter you is through the right information (about fitness and nutrition), hard work, and commitment to your goals.


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