Stay Fit Without Gym

We all want to be fit but let’s face it most of us are already looking for someone to transfer our gym memberships to. Which by the way we bought when we were super pumped about our new-year resolution to get a six-pack! Well if you build fitness into your daily routine, you wont need resolutions to get into shape.

Here are some ways to stay fit without going to the gym:

  1. Make small lifestyle modifications
    Small lifestyle modifications can help you sneak physical activity into your day. For instance, always take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk around while talking on the phone instead of staying seated or do some basic exercises like push-ups and squats while watching TV instead of lying in bed.
  1. DIY! (Do It Yourself!)
    Considering the kind of lifestyles most of us lead, this one might require some getting used to. Do your daily chores like cleaning your room and doing laundry on your own. This will not only get you moving and burn extra calories but will also make you feel good about yourself!
  1. Adopt a dog
    If you have the time to look after one, adopting a dog will not only help you complete one good deed for the day but will also help you burn more calories than you can imagine. Especially if it’s a pup. Plus the long walks with your new best friend will help you unwind and de-stress, which is as important as working on your physical fitness. If you don’t want to take such a big step, why not offer to walk your neighbour’s dog, we are sure they’d be happy to let you take over :).
  1. Play a sport, run a marathon or join a group workout
    Playing a sport can be a fun way of staying in shape. Even better if you play with a friend, as some friendly competition will keep you motivated to constantly push yourself. Another activity that you could take up is running. With the number of marathons being organized these days, you will always be on your feet. Join a running group to make your training even more fun! The best option is to join Team FitNut at our bootcamps, you can subscribe to our event page to make sure you don’t miss one! We mix up strength training, yoga, MMA and many other workout forms that will never allow you to get bored!
  1. Do the FitNut 20 minute home workout!
    It can’t get easier than this. We have put together a basic 20-minute workout that you can perform in the comfort of your home and without any equipment. Click here for the video and get started right away!




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