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Choosing fitness gear should never be a random choice. If you spend hours researching the right shoe for yourself, why not be equally picky about your sports bra?

Here are the three things you must keep in mind while buying your sports bra:

1. Fabric plays an important role. Make sure you pick a wicking fabric that keeps moisture away from your skin and provides a dry fit.

2. Pay attention to the strap being utilised in the bra. A wider strap will provide the best support:

  • A crisscross strap will provide decent support and they fit well under a tank top. These sometimes come with adjustable straps to fine tune the fit.
  • A racerback strap which creates a Y-shape between your shoulder blades is best for high-impact activities as it provides the most support. These usually don’t come with adjustable straps and are therefore more difficult to get a perfect fit with.
  • A tank top strap is the most basic that is usually found in most encapsulation design bras. These will be the most adjustable fit but are best for low impact activities.

3. Pick your bra based on the activity you need it for:

Did you know there are three ways a sports bra is created? Each method of construction is different and needs to be considered based on the activity you wish to perform wearing your sports bras:

  • Encapsulation – This design focuses on providing support for each breast separately. It is best for low impact activities such as yoga and pilates, which are not explosive in nature.
  • Compression – The compression design sports bras are the ones you usually need to pull over your head. These compress the breasts against the chest wall to minimise and restrict movement. As opposed to encapsulation designs, these have no cups built into the design. These are good for low-medium impact routines such as cycling, yoga and pilates.
  • Encapsulation + Compression – These are the ones you are looking for in terms of high impact activities such as HIIT, Crossfit and playing a sport. The combination of both provide the best support and comfort.

FitNut Verdict:
Keep in mind the activity you are buying your sports bra for and make sure to test a brand at least once before you start buying from them online.

After consulting with many fit women, we learned that Nike provides the best range in terms of quality and comfort. They are also the only brand so far offering sizes based on your cup as opposed to just small, medium and large. Other brands that are expanding their offerings are Reebok, Adidas and Puma.

Ladies, what sports bras are you buying? Let us know in the comments below if you have some more tips or brands!

With inputs from Priya Prakash
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