Ab Wheel

What is it?:

The Ab wheel is an inexpensive and easy-to-use equipment that can be used to strengthen and tone multiple muscles at once. In addition to working on your core i.e. abdomen and lower back, it also targets several secondary muscles such as your chest, shoulders, arms and hamstrings. It also occupies very little space and can be easily used at home or carried to the gym.

How to use it?:

  • Kneel down and hold the ab wheel in front of you with both hands.
  • Keeping your back straight roll the ab wheel forward till your upper body is inches off the ground. Pause at this position for a second and go back to the starting position. Maintain the natural arch of your back, without hunching.

As you make progress you can try the advanced variation where instead of kneeling down you start the exercise standing up. Start with your knees slightly bent and roll the ab wheel forward till your legs are completely straight and your body is inches off the ground.


  1. An alternate to the ab wheel is to use a barbell loaded with weight plates to act as wheels.
  2. Avoid ab wheel exercises if you have lower back issues.




Joel Eric Pinto

Joel Eric Pinto

White Collar Athlete
Joel is an engineer by profession and a fitness enthusiast. He’s a proud holder of multiple certifications and has vast experience in bodybuilding, CrossFit and Krav Maga. He holds a certificate from Kris Gethin called the DTP (Drastic Transformation Protocol) and CrossFit Level One among others.


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