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What is the main ingredient of most pre-workout supplements?
The stimulating effect that you feel from taking pre-workout supplements is due to the caffeine present in them. Hence, it’s important to note that the body develops tolerance towards caffeine and for the supplements to be effective it is advisable to cut off your caffeine consumption once a week every month or every couple of months.

Also, if you are an avid coffee drinker, chances are pre workout supplements might not give you the same stimulating effect!

Alternate ways of consuming caffeine prior to workout
Some of the ways of getting your pre-workout fix can be consuming caffeine in the form of:

  • Espresso shots;
  • Caffeine anhydrous tablets, for convenience’ sake; and
  • Green coffee extracts which has the added benefit of anti-oxidants.

When should you take your pre-workout?
1. If consuming in pill form, take in an hour before your workout for optimum results.

2. If consuming in liquid or powdered form, such as espresso shots or pre workout mix, take it 40 minutes before your workout.


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