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Kudos to those of you who are highly self-motivated to work on your fitness. And for the remaining 99 percent of you, we know you need a personal trainer standing on your head with a stick to make sure you finish your workouts without cheating.

On a more serious note, a good personal trainer can make a huge difference to your fitness journey. So here’s a set of questions that will ensure you hire the best personal trainer for yourself.

  1. Qualification/ Certification
    Go online and you will find multiple courses that claim to transform you into a personal trainer in a matter of days. If the trainer possesses only these certifications, that’s a red flag right there. Some of the certifications you should look for are the American Council on Exercise (ACE), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).
  1. Experience
    Certifications can only take you that far; practical application of the knowledge is what differentiates you from the rest. Ask the trainer about their training experience, how long they’ve been training for and where all they have trained.
  1. Specialization
    You need to be very clear about what your goal is. Understand what you need to do to get there and find a trainer who specializes in the activities that will take you to your goal. For instance, some trainers specialize in total body transformations. Understand if that is what you need to reach your goal. If not, then looking at other options might be a good idea.
  1. How do they plan to deal with your injuries or other conditions
    In case you have any injuries or conditions make sure you bring it up in the first meeting itself. Ask them questions related to your injury to assess their knowledge. Find out if they have prior experience dealing with such an injury.
  1. How do they plan to track your progress
    Hire the best personal trainer but if you don’t see results you are bound to hang up your boots at some point. Ask the trainer to clearly define metrics based on which they will be tracking your progress. Ask them what milestones they plan to set in place for you.
  1. Client reference
    This is the most important one. Ask the trainer for references and contact their current and old clients. You are about trust this person with your health, so make sure you do your research before taking the final call.


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