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There’s been a lot of debate of late about outdoor gyms and how our government plans to build one in each park in the city. We think it’s a great initiative so we took it upon ourselves to go see whether these outdoor gyms are actually effective or will they just end up being playgrounds for kids. Here’s our take!

The Body Shaper

Outdoor Gym Body Shaper

Target Muscle: Quadriceps, Upper back.

Our take: The machine hardly offers any resistance so unless you’re sitting on it the entire day and doing rep and rep, the chances of you feeling anything on the target muscles are miniscule.

Our rating: 1/5

Leg press machine

Outdoor Gym Leg Press

Target Muscle: Quadriceps, calves

Our take: If you’re tall you can feel a little cramped. However, since you’re using our own body weight for resistance this machine can actually be useful for training your leg muscles. To feel the burn fully extend your legs till only your toes are in contact with the platform.  

Our rating: 3.5/5

Chest Press overhand grip

Outdoor Gym Chest Press Overhand

Target Muscle: Chest

Our take: This machine is nothing but a swing. It offers no resistance whatsoever. So you could sit on it all day and the only reason you will feel a burn in your muscles is the scorching heat.

Our rating: 0.5/5

Chest press Neutral grip

Outdoor Gym Chest Press Neutral

Target Muscle: Chest

Our take: There’s a reason they put two chest press machines. Once you’re done playing on the first one you can move on to this because this actually works. As you push the bars forward the seat rises so you’re essentially lifting your own body weight. Believe it or not this one can be quite challenging.

Our Rating: 4/5

Moon walker

Outdoor Gym Moon Walk

Our take: Well this is basically a cardio equipment on which you can go and walk. Honestly we don’t understand the point of putting this in the middle of a park. When you have acres and acres of green to walk on why would you use this? This one too is just a swing, that too a useless one. A complete waste of money.

Our rating: 0/5 

Cross trainer

Outdoor Gym Cross Trainer

Our take: If more thought was put into its mechanism, it would have actually been an effective cardio machine. However, the movement is rigid and will do nothing but damage your knees.

Our rating: 0/5  

Lat pull down

Outdoor Gyms Lat Pull Down

Target Muscle: Back

Our take: So the intention here was good but the execution not so much. Once you hold the bars there’s hardly any place left for you to pull them down. The range of motion is next to zero, which brings down its rating considerably.

Our rating: 1/5

Parallel bars

Outdoor Gyms Parallel Bar Dips

Outdoor Gyms Parallel Leg Raises

Our take: Thank God for these. The distance between the bars is bang on. Perform parallel dips to train your triceps or rest your back against the pillar and do leg raises for your abs.

Our rating: 5/5

Shoulder press

Outdoor Gyms Shoulder Press
Target muscle: Shoulders

Our take: We were pleasantly surprised by this one. The movement was flawless even though the bar is enclosed between two stands so that you don’t run away with it to keep it in your home gym. The only downside is that you cannot add more weights to it. However, with a 7.5 kilo weight plate on each side this one makes the cut.

Our rating: 4/5

Leg raises pad

Outdoor Gyms Leg Raises Pad

Target Muscle: Abs

Our take: Even though this platform is meant for static stretches, we couldn’t really figure out how. However, just so that it’s not used as a park bench we did try a few exercises on it and found it to be perfect for leg raises for abs.

Our rating: 1/5

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