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Team FitNut got the amazing opportunity to meet one of India’s fittest gentlemen. The heartthrob model, actor and fitness evangelist Milind Soman just completed the Iron Man Triathlon in 15 hours and 19 minutes. While he was in Delhi for a press conference, we had the chance to chat with him about his highly successful breast cancer awareness initiative Pinkathon, his Iron Man experience, and some other personal achievements.

  1. Your training advice to women who would like to participate in the Pinkathon run?

When you register for the Pinkathon run, we cover the training as well. So what they can do is go on the website, and while filling up the registration form they can sign up for training, both before and after the run.
We segregate the database based on locality and send it to the running groups registered with us. The running group closest to your house will get in touch with you and you can start training with them. The best part, it’s free, depending on the schedule of the coach and the distance for which you want to train.

  1. Now that the IRONMAN is over, what is your fitness regime like? Do you train at a gym or do you prefer outdoor activities?

I never go the gym. I have to still figure out what the routine is going to be but the goal is to maintain a fitness level where I can do an IRONMAN anytime I want. It has to be a part of what you do, it has to be a part of your lifestyle. Today if I have reached a level of fitness to be an IRONMAN then I should be able to maintain that. So even after 2 years I should be able to participate and finish an IRONMAN without having to specially train for it.
For instance, with running, I can go out and do a marathon anytime I want. I don’t need to prepare or train for it.

Milind Soman FitNut


  1. You said in an interview that you used to smoke around 30 cigarettes a day. How did you get yourself to quit?

Everything you do in life requires mental discipline. If you have mental discipline you can overcome an addiction. I also used to have 30 to 40 cups of tea everyday with 2 teaspoons sugar in each cup. That was easier to give up. But cigarettes are extremely addictive. It took me 3 years to give up completely. Not only are the addictive, they are acceptable and easily accessible. I have never bought a cigarette in my life and I was still smoking 30 a day. But I think it was easier back then, now no one is ready to give, mehngi ho gayi hain na (laughs).

  1. What is your fitness tip/ mantra for youngsters who aspire to participate in the IRONMAN?

It’s very easy. The event itself is not a big challenge. The training is a challenge. But that’s like everything in life. It’s like a test, if you don’t prepare you’ll know only half the questions, if you prepare well you’ll know all of them.

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