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The prime objective of wholesome wellness is to bring about a total integration of mind, body and soul. It is immaterial to just have the perfect abs or muscles. Wellness and wellbeing induces open-mindedness, tolerance and can transform lives and lifestyles. In simpler terms, it encourages you to eat right, exercise right, sleep well and it boosts one’s confidence, thought processes and attitude. For me, wellness is the progress and evolution of our soul and it’s about keeping the mind and body clean and disciplined thereby elevating faith, optimism, compassion, creative thoughts and a constructive behaviour. For me, wellness is my religion!

We, humans and the environment are constantly subjected to time, matter, space, light and motion. Causation and effect make us vulnerable to physical, physiological and emotional trauma and stress. The following steps must be an integral part of our lives and lifestyles to counter this state of disintegration.

  • Productive physical activity or exercises: Any exercise program that you chose must have a mix of stretches, yoga, cardio, strength training, meditation and conscious and rhythmic breathing techniques as it works wonders. I recommend that you work out on a regular basis through warm ups, conscious breathing, stretching and contracting every part of the body. Exercise, when done with passion and done correctly helps remove all energy blocks, boosts stamina, strength, flexibility and endurance, promotes cardio-vascular efficiency, improves reflexes, self- esteem, immunity, oxygenation etc and slows down the ageing effects.
  • Food and its effects: Eating wholesome, natural, seasonal and vibrantly coloured and flavourful foods provide nourishment. They also have stimulating, purifying and medicinal effects. Foods like fruits, vegetables, seeds, herbs, spices and condiments are ideal for human health and suits the nature of your constitution or prakruti. Opt for vegetarianism and satvic foods (ethically and genetically designed for the human digestive system). Additionally, absorb the energies of nature by taking in sunshine and fresh air and connecting with other cosmic nutrients to nourish and heal you.
  • Breathing or pranayama and meditation: This integrates you and removes stress, fears, phobia, anxieties and emotional traumas like hatred, jealousy, resentment etc. Both help to recharge your energies and help to influence your thoughts, words and deeds creatively.
  • Rest or Vishram: This is one of the key principles of health and wellbeing. In rest we heal, in rest we restore our energy and harmony. Rest helps the body repair itself to the fullest leaving us rejuvenated.
  • Prayer: Prayer is purely love oriented and makes you philanthropic and gives you compassion for life. Daily doses of prayer and meditation help harmonise one’s psychological, physiological and spiritual wellness.

Wellness emphasises on function and is about feeling good. Eat, exercise, breathe, rest and pray and meditate right. This is the procedure for transcendence and evolution and protects you from pain, sorrow and diseases.

Wake up to wisdom, let your health get naturalized and harmonised, get Mickeymized!

– By Dr. Mickey Mehta

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