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The purpose of wearing a lifting belt is to support your mid section or core, which allows you to lift more weight. It’s purpose is not to protect your mid section or core from injury, although wearing one does reduce the severity of an injury. However, a lifting belt is not a substitute for correct form.

How to wear?
Exhale completely and with your stomach pulled in, place the belt around your mid section. The position of the belt should be such that your abs and lower back are pressed against the belt.

How to select the right belt?
The belt should be of the same width all around so that it supports your abs and your back equally. Avoid getting the ones that are wider at the back than in the front.

Tip: Lifting belts made of good quality leather last longer than the ones made of other materials.


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Joel is an engineer by profession and a fitness enthusiast. He’s a proud holder of multiple certifications and has vast experience in bodybuilding, CrossFit and Krav Maga. He holds a certificate from Kris Gethin called the DTP (Drastic Transformation Protocol) and CrossFit Level One among others.

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