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A lot of people work on their calves at the end of their leg day and complain about not seeing results.

Here’s how can change that:

Do calf exercises before hamstring exercises on leg day. This will ensure your calves are fresh, enabling you to lift more weight on calf-building exercises. At the same time, performing hamstring exercises with pre-exhausted calves will engage your hamstrings a lot more as they will be forced to do all the work.
This small tip will ensure you reap big benefits out of your leg workout.


White Collar Athlete


Joel is an engineer by profession and a fitness enthusiast. He’s a proud holder of multiple certifications and has vast experience in bodybuilding, CrossFit and Krav Maga. He holds a certificate from Kris Gethin called the DTP (Drastic Transformation Protocol) and CrossFit Level One among others.

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