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Injuries don’t just begin and end with the physical state. It all starts in the mind. Various factors like stress, lack of awareness, stubbornness and incorrect form can cause injuries. The key to becoming and remaining an injury free athlete is keeping in mind the following tips:


First and foremost, If you’re a new comer, don’t train on your own. Take guidance; get a coach/trainer or a friend who has sound knowledge about training.


In today’s day and age where google, youtube and e-books are so easily available, it’s not hard to read the basics of the human body. It’s important to be a well read athlete rather than a following athlete. Don’t blindly follow trainers, yoga instructors or coaches over social media.

The key to being an injury free athlete is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Learn from your own body. Also, remember that what other athletes are showcasing is years of hard training and learning as well.

You are on the path but don’t try to compete with the world or try to prove a point to anyone when it comes to training yourself. The only one you’re competing with, is yourself.


Most people do not know that one of the main causes of being injured is the lack of a good warm up and cool down. Everyone is constantly in a hurry to get somewhere post training. In the bargain, you miss out on an important part of our recovery. Stretching!  Sometimes you may try to finish a workout quickly, hence you skip your warm up and can become prone to injuries.

A warm up and cool down are important messages to your muscles, telling them that they need to be ready for the 40-50 mins of strenuous running/training/weight lifting and then time for recovery.


When you are tired. Rest. Sleep. Hormones produced by your body are released during sleep which help the body heal naturally. It’s important to get the right amount of sleep for your body to heal (7-8 hours).


Just like you eat food to keep yourself moving, it’s as important to hydrate yourself. Avoid the ugly energy drinks and canned waters. Instead opt for simple plain water.

Water keeps your muscles from cramping or getting a stitch whilst running or exercising. Dehydration can become life threatening if quick action isn’t taken. Always sip water during your workouts too, mainly in summers.


Do not work out in jeans, tight t-shirts or skirts. It’s very important to wear the right kind of gear and clothing depending on the season. Comfortable shorts, track pants, sports bra and t-shirt/top are good options, and allow your muscles to breathe freely whilst exercising.


Ayesha Billimoria– Ayesha Billimoria aka FitGirl.India

Ayesha is an All India Track & Field Athlete, Sprinter, Functional Trainer and part of Team ADIDAS – Get in touch with her at [email protected]

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