Being healthy is the best way to be happy – in order for your mind to be at peace, you need to love yourself and take care of it. A healthy mind and body are the essential building blocks to a long and fulfilling life.

Building on this concept, the Activ Health policy offered by Aditya Birla Health Insurance comes as a great rescue for consumers who often lose out on their fitness, thanks to pressed timelines and hurricane routines. The Activ Health Policy, unlike other insurance plans, actually motivates you to stay fit by rewarding you with incentives in the form of HealthReturns™.

Wondering how? Before we explain, have a look at this video:

There are a growing number of health-conscious people in India, especially in the Indian metros. The trend hasn’t just limited itself to healthy food patterns, but has also contributed to the rise in gymnasium memberships and fitness diets. A significant cause for this could be the increase in heart ailments and high cholesterol among people, which is often linked to another contemporary concern – obesity. In fact, one can even identify the consequential increase in the number of women today who are more health conscious and aware of the benefits of an active lifestyle.

The Activ Health policy by Aditya Birla Health Insurance comes at an impeccable time – fuelling this trend where A person earns Active DayzTM and gets rewarded with HealthReturnsTM .You can earn Active Dayz by exercising and following a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Earning 13 Active Dayz™ a month can reward you with up to 30% of your annual policy premium back as HealthReturns™. These HealthReturns™ can be reused for multiple purposes such as:

  • Buying medicines and paying for diagnostic tests
  • As a fund for health contingency
  • Outpatient Department Expenses
  • Paying your next policy premium

Your health, however, does not always need dedicated, time-bound attention – sometimes, small steps are enough to keep your health on track. Getting in to the zone to earn your Active Dayz can require certain preparations if you are already not habituated with fitness programs. Here are five ways in which you can get your health back on track with easy changes to your lifestyle:

  • Avoid junk food and incorporate more home-cooked food, along with fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.
  • Start with a small jog every day or any physical activity of your choice to build up your level of activeness.
  • Quit smoking – there are too many health effects of this habit that we know about.
  • Adequate sleep is a must if you need to get your body to function properly and maintain your Body Mass Index.
  • Eat smaller meals, even if they are multiple ones, and ensure that you are never deficient in vitamins or nutrients.

Being healthy is not rocket science. All it needs is the right push to jump on to the bandwagon. Use the Activ Health Policy as your perfect excuse to healthy, and experience a fulfilling life!

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