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Majority of you will agree that long hours in front of computer screens and unhealthy snacking go together. And then there is that one colleague whose mom makes the most tasty but not necessarily healthy work snacks. Well it wont be long before the company’s bottom-line and your waistline have a direct correlation.

Moreover, cooking a healthy meal everyday seems to be the most daunting task. Well that’s where we step in. Here’s our guest writer, Nutritionist Neha Makkar, with a few healthy and easy to carry snacking options. Make sure you lock them up when you’re not around as your colleagues hate cooking as much as you do 😉 –

  1. Roasted Snacks: High on taste and nutrition, roasted snacks like rice flakes, wheat or moong-daal are a great option. We warn you in advance, once you start it’s very difficult to stop!
  2. Unsweetened yogurt: Crunch your sugar cravings with healthy unsweetened yogurt. Mix it with fruits or oats and your taste buds will thank you.
  3. Sautéed/chopped vegetables or salads: Get creative with your favorite vegetables. Make your recipe colorful by adding tomatoes, capsicum, red and yellow bell peppers. Also, stay away from the not so healthy salad dressings like ranch or caeser.
  4. Roll it over: Use the fish, chicken or paneer tikka from last night’s party and wrap it up in whole-wheat chapatti to make a healthy and satisfying snack.
  5. Sprouts: Always keep a box of sprouts in your refrigerator. They are rich in protein and fiber and very easy to store.
  6. Fruits: This one is a no brainer. Go for your favorite seasonal fruits. Not only are they a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals but will also keep you feeling fuller for longer.
  7. Nuts: High in nutrition, nuts minus the salt and sugar, mixed with flax seeds could make for a healthy mid-day snack. However, don’t go overboard as these little jewels are also high in calories.


Guest Writer
Guest Author Neha Makkar is a freelance nutritionist who specialises in Weight Management. You can contact her through her email address.


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