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Shweta Sakharkar is a marketing executive and sponsored athlete at Evolution Sports Nutrition. She’s also a bikini athlete that we have followed very closely since we started our journey. She is one seriously motivating Fit Lady! We’ve had the chance to interview her and also featured her with some other fit ladies of Instagram. We reached out to her to ask her for some tips for other ladies and how to reach to her level. Here are tips from Shweta Sakharkar on becoming a fit lady!

Have an end goal: Think of a purpose for why you are training.

Programme and prepare: Know exactly what you plan to do for each training session. If not weight training, indulge in some type of activity every day!

Baby steps: Trying to take big steps can sometimes be overwhelming, de-motivating and can keep you from reaching your goals. Hence be patient and work hard towards your goal.

Change your workouts regularly: This will keep your body shocked and keep those changes coming.

Stay hydrated: Our bodies are made up of around 60 per cent water. Drinking H2O helps us get the most from our workouts and to recover.

Get sufficient sleep: When we deprive ourselves of sleep it can affect the way our bodies grow and repair, and reduces our energy levels.

Enjoy your training and new healthy lifestyle: Be proud that you are now being healthy and fit for your mind body and soul.

In the end, it’s not only training, 70% of your success will come from your diet and the rest 30% is your training and sleep.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are of the author alone, based on her personal experiences.
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