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Still recovering from a holiday food coma? Treating yourself with pastries and cocktails is okay when you’re on vacation. What’s really important is to find your way back to your fitness regime at your own pace. Here are a few ideas on how to get back to fit after your holiday –

Get moving: Listen to your body! Don’t jump into a scheduled exercise. Begin with improving your stamina through cardio workouts i.e Jogging, swimming or jump rope.

Increase the duration of your warm up: Longer warm ups help to prevent injuries. Focus on getting the muscles limber and your blood flowing. Use a few yoga poses before strenuous exercise, as the muscles will not be subjected to sudden strain. You can try the Surya Namaskar, cat stretch or the downward dog.

Find time to stretch: Flexibility is an asset to all exercise regimes. Routine exercises tend to shorten the muscles that cause the joints to become rigid. This can make your body prone to injuries. So find a thera-band and get stretchy. Hold your stretches for at least 15-20 to have maximum effect.

Practice self-care: This can involve going to a spa for a massage after a few sessions of intensive workouts or just by taking a hot water salt bath. Simplest is lying on your back and supporting tired legs up against the wall. It drains lactic acid and revitalizes the body. Meditation is also useful.

Hydrate: Good hydration regulates the body temperature and lubricates the joints. Water is an important element to cool down the body during exercise. If you get bored of plain water, infusing it with lemon, mint, oranges, strawberries and cucumber are some great options.

Getting over the holiday hangover can be tough, but follow the tips above and you should be back on track in no time!

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