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It’s been a week since you started exercising, you’ve been consistent, you’re eating right, avoiding sugary drinks and salty snacks but not seeing any results. Given the headlines being thrown at us these days like “Drop a Size in Seven Days” or “Lose Five Kilos in a Week” it’s normal for most people to have unreal expectations.

To some extent, exercise results are immediate in the form of more energy, elevated mood and better sleep to name a few. But to see physical changes you have to be patient.

It usually takes anywhere from 30 days to 45 days of regular exercise and healthy eating to see visible changes. 

The most important thing to remember is that when it comes to exercise there is no one size that fits all. Everyones body responds differently to exercise and everyone progresses at different speeds. Further, there are various other factors that play a role in how quickly you see exercise results, such as:

  • The condition your body is in when you start exercising: A beginner will see physical results faster than someone who works out regularly and is already well conditioned.
  • What your goals are: If your goal is to lose weight you are likely to see results sooner than if your goal is to put on muscle or build endurance.
  • Intensity of exercise: Well you cannot do the same thing again and again and expect different results. It’s important you increase the intensity of your workouts consistently whether it’s the amount of weight you’re lifting or the number of sets and reps you do.
  • What you are eating: Obviously the better your diet the sooner you will see results. When it’s about making progress in the gym what matters more is what you do outside of it. You have won 70% of the battle if your nutrition is on point.
  • Adequate rest: This is by far the most overlooked aspect. Some consider this to be counterproductive because they simply think that more exercise equals reaching your goals faster. It is important you give your body adequate rest in order to see the desired results.
  • Some of us are luckier than the rest: Genes also play a role in how fast you see results. If your parents’ bodies respond quickly to exercise and healthy eating, chances are yours will too. However, this does not mean you blame your mother if you don’t see results!

The key here is to stay consistent. Don’t let the misleading ads fool you and demotivate you if you don’t see results on day one. View your workouts as a part of your lifestyle and do them regularly and sooner than later you will have the body you’ve always wanted.


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