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While any amount of exercise is better than no exercise, do you know how often you should exercise if you’re working towards a specific goal? Just like everything else in life, when it comes to fitness your decisions are driven by the goal you want to achieve. Let’s take a look at what your exercise frequency should be.

Remember this Golden rule, exercise for at least three days a week and don’t rest for more than two consecutive days otherwise you will get lazy.

If your goal is to stay healthy
Being healthy by definition means absence of diseases. If your goal is to be healthy and perform your daily activities without feeling exhausted three sessions per week will do the trick. But keep the golden rule in mind while designing your schedule. Make the other four days active rest days. Go for a walk, play a sport or indulge in any other physical activity but get moving!

If your goal is to lose fat, build muscle, improve your strength or endurance
If you are not satisfied with just being healthy and want to flaunt a six pack or just be super human strong then you need to up your exercise frequency to four to five days of hard work every week. You may come across people who say they workout seven days a week, we suggest you refrain from doing so. You need to give your body proper rest for it to recover and show results.  So we recommend a maximum of five days of exercise per week, one active rest day and one day for complete rest.

How long should your session be?
Depending on what activity you perform, your sessions should be 30 minutes to one hour long. Your training should be a mix of strength training, cardio and specific stretches to maintain general flexibility.

The number of sessions per week is based primarily on what your goal is but how efficiently you get there has got a lot to do with nutrition. So make sure your nutrition is on point for best results.

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