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Dheepesh Bhatt is a CrossFit master trainer better known as Shivoham. He has trained the likes of Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, John Abraham and Kangana Ranaut but insists that he would rather be known for his work than for the people he trains. Here’s what he has to say about CrossFit and the best training advice he ever got.

Why CrossFit over other exercise forms?

CrossFit or intense functional training is a very broad training routine. It is a combination of gymnastics, weight lifting, metabolic conditioning and cardio. It includes movements from different sports whose utility can be seen in day-to-day life. CrossFit includes both functional training and traditional training, which in my opinion works beautifully if your goal is to live a long healthy life. And the fact that everyday is a completely new workout is the most interesting part of the training module.

What’s your usual training regime like?

On a typical day I start my workout at 9am with my students. We do some form of weightlifting or power lifting. That is followed by an intense circuit training session. Then in the afternoon I train with my colleagues. We do traditional gym workouts and mix it up with gymnastics or weightlifting again. After each workout I like to do my pranayams for 15 to 20 minutes to relax my mind and body and bring my breathing level back to normal.

How do push yourself to go and train on days you don’t feel up to it.

I believe in listening to my body and not forcing it. Our body is a very fine tuned organism and if it is telling you not to train then it must be tired and we should respect it and not push it. It’s not a bad thing to take a break. 

What’s the best piece of training advice you ever got?

Everybody is unique and different. What works for one person may or may not work for another. So do what feels right for your body

A lot of men and women are using anabolic steroids these days to get the body they have always wanted. What is your take on this?

Use of anabolic steroids is a very debatable subject and is very relative. Everyone has a choice and if they want to use steroids that’s fine as long as it is done under proper guidance and process. Even with steroids you still have to work your butt off to achieve the results. But yes if your livelihood doesn’t depend on it then taking steroids is not ideal.

One mistake that you see a lot of people make when it comes to fitness and nutrition that they should avoid.

Listening to others blindly. I also tell people to not blindly believe what I say and that they should do their own research and then decide whom to follow and what to follow. We have a higher intelligence in all of us called instinct and we should follow that. 



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