Food is an integral aspect of maintaining a healthy life. It is not so much about what or when you eat as long your body receives the required essential nutrients on a daily basis, and you avoid an intake of unnecessary junk. It is while indulging in junk food and missing out on proper meals that we also miss out on our essential dose of nutrients.

Eating right requires a little bit of discipline and basic attention to the food being consumed but where is the time for that in our contemporary lives? From rushing to catch the office shuttle to barely making it for the opening scene of a movie – we are always on the move. And the one big thing that gets affected is our eating regime and consequently, our health as well as happiness.

So how does nutrient deficiency affect us? No, it isn’t just about reduced metabolism and breaking out skin, nutrient deficiency can make you vulnerable to a lot of diseases too as well as make us feel dull and lethargic.Fitnut

So how do we ensure deficiencies don’t arise? Well, you need to have proper, well-balanced meals at regular intervals. And if you think that your routine may not permit a disciplined eating regime, the Tropicana Essentials range is here to help. Available in two variants – Tropicana Essentials Iron and Tropicana Essentials Fruits & Veggies – these can become your on-the-go doses of nutrition. The juices are an expert blend of fruits and vegetables designed to help you with specific benefits – to avoid feeling low, which is a sign of deficiencies, and reduce fatigue.

Both variants are made of 100% juice content with no added sugars or colours. The juices are available in two packs – a 1 L pack priced at INR 149 and a 200ml tetra pack priced at INR 30. You can purchase the packs online at multiple e-commerce websites or get them from your nearest grocery store or supermarket. They come in tetra packs so you can also be assured of the safety as well as freshness of the product. The 200ml pack is like the perfect dose of nutrition you need when you are constantly in a rush or moving around.

#EssentiallySpeaking, one 200 ml pack of either of the juices is a great way to fulfil at least a part of, if the whole, of your RDA so you can regulate your consumption basis how or what you are eating through the day.

Tropicana Essentials – Fruits & Veggies

  • It is a great blend of fruits and vegetables which is tasty too.
  • It is fortified with Vitamins A & C, and a 200ml pack provides you with a serving each of fruits and vegetable juices (experts say that individuals need about 5 servings each or 400 g of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis).
  • This helps you avoid ‘feeling low’, which is a common symptom of vitamin deficiency.

Tropicana Essentials – Iron

  • It is the first fruit juice to be fortified with Iron.
  • A 200ml pack of the Iron juice provides you with 15% Iron of the required dietary allowance (RDA) which is equivalent to 3.2 mg of Iron – more than 100 g of lettuce, spinach or mustard leaves would give you.
  • It also contains Vitamins A & C which helps your body in absorbing iron and also improve metabolism.

If you are someone whose lifestyle constantly keeps you on your toes – Tropicana Essentials is a good way to start taking a step towards balanced health and consequently, a good life. Not only will you be healthy, but if you are getting your full dose of essential nutrients on a daily basis, your energy levels will be at their peak too – which means more productivity and a satisfactory life too.

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