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Whether it’s to quench thirst on a warm summer day or something to sip along with meals, people often go for soft drinks over water and other refreshing drinks. Well we highly recommend you refrain from doing so and here is why.

Increase the risk of osteoporosis:

The phosphoric acid content of soft drinks is associated with bone breakdown and an increased risk of osteoporosis. When phosphorus is excreted in the urine, it takes calcium with it depriving the bones of a very important mineral.

Bad for teeth:

The sugar in soft drinks combines with the bacteria in your mouth to create acid which can potentially dissolve tooth enamel. This leads to tooth decay in the long run.

Increased risk of kidney stones:

Long term consumption of fizzy drinks especially colas can lead to building up of kidney stones and other kidney issues. The phosphoric acid in these drinks is closely linked with development of stones in the kidneys as well as other renal issues.


A 330ml can of soft drink contains the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar. Those who consume one to two soft drinks a day have a 26% higher risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes than people who rarely consume these drinks.


There is a direct relationship between the consumption of soft drinks and weight gain. The sugar content in soft drinks as mentioned above is very high. According to this study, there is enough scientific evidence to suggest reducing consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages will decrease the prevalence of obesity and obesity related issues.

Heart Disease:

People who drink one or two soft drinks a day have a 40% higher risk of heart attacks or death from a heart disease. People who weigh more or are obese due to their sugary drinks consumption are furthermore susceptible to cardiovascular conditions and other issues associated with it.

Artificial Sweeteners:

Reading through this you may think, I only drink diet sodas and zero calorie soft drinks. Well bad news, those aren’t any better. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame and saccharin can have various side effects including certain forms of cancer and thyroid problems.


The consumption of too many soft drinks can increase the risk of asthma or COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). There is a dose-response relationship which means the more you consume the soft drinks, the more susceptible you are to having these breathing issues. With deteriorating air quality, do we really need another factor to cause breathing problems?


H/T to this piece by Harvard School Of Public Health

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