Professional athletes go through rigorous training schedules and have to compete at the highest level on a regular basis. These facets require their bodies to perform remarkably and recover quickly. Cupping can help with this recovery.

When it comes to the idea of recovery, some lean towards more proven methods such as rest and massages, while others, rely on alternative practices that have been well established over the years. FitNut contributor Avantika Kochar, for instance, wrote a piece about dry needling and how it can help people with various physical pains. For now, it’s time to focus on a different way of recuperating from stresses and recovering from aches and pains.

fire-cupping-1211191_960_720Avid practitioners claim that cupping is an excellent approach to treat a range of ailments, which includes physical discomfort such as muscular and joint pain, as well as respiratory disorders like a common cold or pneumonia. Based on a written piece on Cupping Resource, its advantages range from removing toxins, to alleviating inflammation, to decompressing myofascial restrictions. This technique is also used as an alternative treatment for cancer. The Independent even listed a few Olympic athletes who benefitted from cupping. One name that stands out is Scottish tennis superstar, Andy Murray.

Close to a decade ago, during a time when he was just starting to make a name for himself on the tennis scene, Andy Murray discovered an ancient form of Chinese acupuncture, a practice known today as cupping. This helped the Dunblane-born player throughout the rehabilitation process of his back injury in the early part of 2009, according to an article published on the Express. Since cupping is said to increase blood circulation and detoxification, as well as relieve body pain and stress, it has helped Andy Murray become the player he is today.

Most people recognise how tennis and its players have become global influencers. In essence, they’ve become marketable ventures that various industries rely on in order to raise their profile. For example, the video gaming market has successful franchises such as the Top Spin series by PAM Development, as well as the Slingo online slots game Centre Court. This allows tennis fans the chance to follow some of their idol’s endeavours outside of the sport, for the same reason why many fledgling players rely on cupping like Andy Murray. Because if it is good enough for Murray then the likelihood is going to be able to help amateur players recover too who don’t put the same amount of stress on their bodies as professionals.

On a whole, tennis is a sport that takes a lot out of a pro’s body. The constant travelling from one tournament to the next, the training everyday, and the mental challenges can take its toll regardless if one’s a seasoned veteran or a fledgling athlete. Yes, cupping is a rather unusual treatment that leaves red circular marks on a person’s back, but its benefits are proven.

Although the questions remain up in the air about the scientific explanation of how cupping works wonders on a person’s body, no one can deny how Andy Murray has become a great ambassador for the ancient treatment. He’s tennis’ current number one player for a reason, and if his practice of cupping has something to do with it, many can expect the continuous growth of this recovery technique in the future.

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