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If you’re a sports enthusiast you must have noticed many players and athletes wear skin tight garments on various parts of their bodies. Most commonly seen on Basketball, Football, and even cricketers these days. Do you know what that piece of garment is and what it does? Team FitNut has got all the answers about compression gear!

What is compression gear?

Compression gear is a category of activewear that is supposed to enhance performance and reduce soreness by improving blood circulation. It comes in shorts, socks, sleeves, shirts, tights or underwear and is made of materials like spandex, latex and a nylon filament that make it highly stretchable.

So what’s the craze all about?

When tested with certain athletes, it was concluded that it reduced soreness the day after a big event but only when the athlete continued to wear it for 24 hours after the event. This isn’t really convenient for us gym goers, runners and crossfitters is it? Especially not in the summer heat.

Some studies have shown that compression gear has a placebo effect on the performance of athletes. Athletes believe that the compression gear is improving their performance and that mentality pushes them to perform better than they usually would. For basketball and football players who have explosive movements, it is known to reduce fatigue and aid in aches. Compression gear is also recommended for people who have to stand for long periods of time or who have poor blood circulation.

The real question is will it really aid performance? Well research and studies have come up with mixed conclusions on the true benefits of compression gear. There is no solid evidence to show that it improves performance, but if the placebo effect is helping athletes or you perform better, there is no harm either. Let’s not forget the 2001 NBA game where Iverson wore the first compression arm sleeve and dropped 51 points!

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