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Tired of doing the same workout routine again and again? It’s time to switch it up a bit and us this fitness combo. Whatever your fitness goal may be, it always helps to go outside your comfort zone and combine different routines or activities. And what better way to do that than combining two of the most popular activities, yoga and strength training.

Here’s how this fitness combo can help you achieve your goal in a faster, smarter and more efficient manner!

1. Improved mind-muscle coordination
Yoga improves the coordination between the brain and various muscles in the body. This not only helps improve reflexes, but also helps the muscles adapt to new and different activities. This in turn will help you adapt to various strength-training routines quicker and you will progress much faster as well.

2. Greater flexibility and mobility
It’s a known fact that strength training reduces flexibility but often people choose to ignore it and become stiff as a log. Yoga can help you maintain and even improve flexibility. This will increase your range of motion and help you perform strength-training exercises more efficiently.At the same time, greater muscle endurance and strength will help you perform those difficult asanas just like a veteran yogi.

3. Better muscle recovery
For proper muscle growth it is essential you spend time on proper recovery. After all your muscles need a break after the beating they get inside the gym. Yoga assists with post workout recovery as it helps the muscles relax. However, it is important you choose asanas that are simple to perform and make you feel at ease otherwise you can do more harm than good.

4. Healthy mind, Healthy body
A lot of times, people give up not because their muscles are tired but because their mind gives up. To build strong muscles it is necessary to have a strong mind. Yoga will help you achieve mental stability that will help you focus better during your next strength-training session.

5. Greater lung capacity
This one is a no brainer really. Greater lung capacity means you can perform your routine for longer without feeling winded. And there can’t be a better way to build your lung capacity than practicing yoga.



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