Alcohol and weight loss

Since we at FitNut believe that you don’t need to quit to be fit, asking our readers to quit alcohol is against our nature. However, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind before your next drinking session:

Alcohol and Metabolism
Alcohol has 7 calories per gram. These calories are called  ‘empty calories’, which means zero nutritional value.  It delays the metabolisation of other nutrients as it cannot be stored by our system and must be metabolised first.

Alcohol and bad decisions
Alcohol impairs judgment and loosens inhibitions. This often results in that  “one last drink” (multiple times). It also encourages eating whatever is in front of us as alcoholic beverages boost appetite and this adds to the already piling calories.

We have put together some tips to help you manage your consumption, so that some fine scotch, sweet wine or a sassy cocktail is not a speed bump in your road to weight loss.

  • Eat well before you start drinking – this will delay the trip of the alcohol from your stomach to your liver, giving the liver more time to metabolise it.
  • Consume lots of water – drinking water dilutes the alcohol and increases the liquid intake. This makes you urinate often, and in turn secretes a small portion of alcohol consumed. Water will also make you feel full which may prevent further intake and also keep you hydrated.
  • Say no to mixers – cut out sugar filled mixers such as colas and tetra pack juices. Replace them with water or soda.
  • Plan ahead – avoid unhealthy bar food and go for healthier options such as unsalted nuts, chicken/paneer tikkas, while you’re drinking. If a late-night drinking plan is on, food craving will eventually occur, so stock some healthy options such as carrots, cucumber and broccoli with hummus.
  • Stay clear of shots – Do you know that each shot (of straight alcohol) contains 50 to 80 calories, depending on alcohol content? Mixed shots add more calories to that number. Think about it before you line them up!
  • Go for lite options – there are many lite beer and wine options available. Give it a shot, you might just develop a taste for them.
  • Moderation is key – Too much of anything can be a problem, and this rule very well applies to booze as well. Try and restrict drinking to weekends or celebratory occasions. Hold the drink and the drinking!
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