We all know that ‘one person’ who seems to be eating everything under the sun without putting on a single kilo. Don’t be disappointed if you do not fit that category.

Your metabolism is influenced by several factors such as age, sex, gender, genes and muscle to fat ratio. While some of them are not within your control, there are some natural ways to give your metabolism the much needed boost.

1.  Fuel up with water
Water assists the body in burning calories. Even slight dehydration causes your energy levels to drop, which can lead to a slump in your metabolic rate. Stay properly hydrated throughout the day to keep your metabolic rate up.

2.  Have a cup of coffee or go green
Caffeine speeds up the heart rate, which in turn gives your metabolism a boost. However, if you are not a coffee person then go for green tea instead. In addition to a modest amount of caffeine, green tea contains an anti oxidant called catechin, which is known to crank up metabolism.

3.  Spice it up
Studies conducted at University of Pennsylvania, USA show that eating spicy food causes thermogenesis i.e. it raises body temperature. This helps speed up metabolism. However, do not worry about covering your next meal with spices, as even a small amount can make a big difference. 

4.  Don’t slash the calories drastically
Cutting down on calories drastically causes your metabolism to go into survival mode. As a result, your body begins to preserve calories rather than burning them. Therefore, skipping meals in an attempt to lose weight can be counterproductive. Reduce your calorie intake gradually, combining that with greater physical activity for proper metabolic functioning.

5.  Eat enough protein
Your body takes longer to digest protein in comparison to fat or carbohydrates. Hence, the body uses up more energy and this keeps your metabolism accelerated for hours.

6.  Build muscle mass
Your body is constantly burning calories, even while you do nothing. Studies indicate that a single pound of muscle burns three times more calories than a single pound of fat, just to sustain itself.
Strength training exercises help build lean muscle mass and eliminate fat, putting your metabolism in high gear.

7.  Add intervals to your exercise routine
Exercise makes your metabolism work harder to fuel your muscles for the physical activity. Incorporating high intensity interval training (HIIT) into your routine will keep your metabolism revved up for hours, even after you have finished exercising.

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