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Every single one of us has a first time. The moment you decide to take that step into the gym and change your lifestyle. Whatever the motivation may be, your first interaction with the gym can be quite intimidating. Team FitNut understands your pain because we were there too! Here are some tips to make sure your first experience leaves you well informed and prepared for a successful journey ahead:

  • Get all the information about the gym – Very important to get all the information on day one, or even a before you join. What equipments do they have? What are the peak hours?
  • Set a goal before you walk in – do your research or consult a fitness expert and decide on a goal.
  • Familiarize yourself with the staff – introduce yourself to the staff and try to get everyone’s name. You never know when you may need their help and knowledge.
  • Get acquainted with the machines – most machines come with instructions printed on them explaining different exercises that can be performed and how to reposition the parts of the machine. Read them carefully and try each machine to understand the movement.
  • Spend some time observing the gymrats, but don’t be a weirdo and stareYou can tell which guys are comfortable in their skin. They will be chatting with the trainers and doing alternating sets with other members. Observing them could give you some clues on ways to feel more comfortable in the gym. However, do not copy their movements and exercises without consulting an expert first.
  • Go without headphones –  try to avoid distractions, remember you are not at the stage where you need to zone everyone out and focus on your workout.
  • DONT OVERDO IT! – The most important one, this is your first day. Do not go crazy and try to get a six pack on day one. Gradually increase the intensity and frequency of your workouts. Remember, you just started so the next day will be painful. If you don’t feel pain you didn’t do it right :). But the pain is temporary and the satisfaction of leading a healthy lifestyle will last forever!
*Image shot at Anytime Fitness Patel Nagar




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