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Hectic work schedules involving countless hours of sitting have made lower back pain one of the most common ailments. We often see people of different ages complain about severe lower back issues. We understand your pain, literally, and all that is about to change.

FitNut’s got your back or should we say your lower back! Here’s a list of DIY lower back strengthening exercises that can be performed anywhere, anytime. All you need is 5 minutes of your day and an exercise mat or a monthly dry cleaning budget!

Before you start, we must inform you that the first few days might be difficult if you have never exercised before. They may even be a little painful but hang in there; pain is nothing but weakness leaving your body. In case you have any lower back injuries, please consult your doctor before taking up any of the following exercises.

Perform 5 repetitions of each exercise, holding each rep for 3 seconds. Complete all 5 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next one.

Alternate leg lift

Tip: Lift your leg as high as you can without bending your knee.

Chin on Hands Back Extension

Tip: Keep the movement slow, without any jerks.


Tip: Do not bend your neck to look down at any point.

Glute Bridge

Tip: Do not lift your hands off the ground at any point

Cobra Extension

Tip: Keep your lower body absolutely still and steady.

Increase the number of reps as you make progress. One important thing to be kept in mind when you start is that your range of motion will be small so do not try to push yourself too much. As your progress, your range of motion will also increase.



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