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We see men and women perform hundreds and thousands of crunches every week in their quest to get well-defined abs. But does this approach work?

Navreet Josan
Navreet Josan aka LilRocket

Your muscles grow when put under stress beyond their capacity and the abdominal muscles are no different. Performing only crunches on a daily basis will not give you the coveted washboard stomach you desire.

An effective abs routine consists of four to five different exercises, targeting all the major muscles of the abdominal region including obliques. Treat your abdominal muscles just like other muscles in your body and train them with the same intensity. The only difference between the abdominal muscles and other muscles is that you can train your abs more frequently as they recover faster than other muscles. So feel free to work on your abdominal region four to five times a week and don’t forget to incorporate weights, just like you would while training other muscles.


Following are some of the exercises we recommend that will target your abs in the most effective manner:

1. Hanging leg raises

2. Hanging twisted knee raises

3. Bent knee hip raises

4. Cable crunches

5. Cocoons


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