Exercises You Shouldn't Do

We all know that improper exercise form, inadequate warm-up or cool-down can lead to injuries. But one thing most of us are unaware of is that there are certain exercises that can cause serious injuries even if your form and workout routine are spot on! Here are four exercises you should avoid for an injury free workout!

1. Sit Ups

Sit Ups

The repeated sit up movement puts a lot of pressure on the spine and can cause the spinal discs to bulge over time. This in turn puts stress on the nerves leading to severe back pain.
Alternate exercises to work the same muscle(s):
Crunches, 3/4th Sit ups

2. Behind The Neck Lat Pull Down

Behind the Neck Lat Pull Down

Pulling the rod down and behind your neck causes the shoulders to rotate backwards, which is a very delicate position for the shoulders. This can cause injury to the rotator cuff muscles that are the supporting muscles of the shoulders.
Alternate exercise to work the same muscle(s):
Kneeling Rope Pull

3. Smith Machine Squats

Fitness India Squat

Due to the barbell being fixed on the smith machine it restricts the hips from moving back while going down. This puts additional stress on your lower back and knees and can cause serious damage in the long run.
Alternate exercises to work the same muscle(s):
Barbell Squats, Dumbbell Squats

4. Upright Row

Fitness India Upright Row

To perform this exercise you need to elevate your shoulders and the movement also causes them to rotate inwards. This combined with lifting weights against gravity places immense stress on your rotator cuff muscles. Over time this can cause the connective muscle tissues to break.
Alternate exercises to work the same muscle(s):


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