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With so many exercises and workout options available these days, we often tend to overlook the basics. Whether you’re a homemaker, a professional or even a gym fanatic, mastering these 4 exercises will help you perform your daily activities with ease and without the annoying pains!

  1. Squats
    Squats work on your legs and core (abs, lower back and hips) and form the basis for many other leg workouts. Performing squats regularly will make activities like standing for long hours, sitting, walking, running and jumping easier for to you do.

  1. Push-ups
    Push-ups work primarily on your chest, shoulders and arms but engage various other muscles as well, which helps maintain proper form. Overtime push-ups help strengthen the upper body making it easier to perform daily tasks that involve pushing or lifting objects.

  1. Pull-ups
    This exercise is avoided by many, as it is perceived as being challenging. Apart from strengthening muscles of your arms, shoulders, back and core pull-ups also help improve grip strength. Activities that involve pulling objects will become second nature to you once you have mastered the mighty pull-up.

  1. Plank
    If performed correctly this is the only exercise you will ever need to strengthen your core. A strong core not only makes it easier to lift heavy objects but is also a pre-requisite for good posture.

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