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Finding it difficult to take out time to exercise? This 20-minute total-body-training home workout is all you need to burn fat and build muscle right in the comfort of your living room!

Here is the workout routine. Do two rounds with 10 seconds rest between each exercise and 1 minute rest between the two rounds.

50 Jumping jacks: warm up
40 squats: Target muscle Quadriceps
20 push ups: Target muscle Chest
10 close grip push ups: Target muscle Triceps
10 Superman with lat pulls: Target muscle Lower back and Lats
50 Jumping Jacks
40 second Plank: Target muscle: Entire core region including abs, obliques and lower back.
20 leg raises with crunches: Target muscle Abs

Don’t forget to wrap up your home workout with some very important static stretches shown below!
Arms overhead stretch 30 seconds

Foot to glute stretch 15 seconds each leg
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