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Isometric exercises are a great workout! Here’s a 20 minute total-body-strength-training routine consisting of only isometric exercises. These exercises do not involve any movement but are extremely effective at targeting and strengthening different muscles.


Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn different exercise forms or a veteran looking for a change, this workout routine will give you just that!


Here’s the workout routine:


Warm up (Do 2 rounds with 15 seconds rest after each round)
40 seconds Jumping Jacks
20 seconds Burpees without push-ups.


Workout (Do 3 rounds with 1 minute rest after each round)
30 seconds Squat Hold
1 minute Glute(hip) Bridge
30 seconds Plank
15 seconds each leg Lunge Hold
15 seconds Push-up Hold
30 seconds each side Side Plank


Cool down
15 seconds each leg Quadricep stretch
15 seconds each side Hamstrings stretch
15 seconds each side Glutes stretch
15 seconds Cobra stretch
15 seconds Chest and Arms stretch


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